Fiberglass Cloth Dealers in Bangalore

Fiberglass Cloth : E-Glass fiberglass fabric is the industry standard for a combination of economy and strength.

A cloth fabric made of fine fiberglass strands woven at right angles to each other, fiberglass cloth is the most common composite material used in boat building, repairs, and reinforcing of wood. Fiberglass cloth is used with epoxy and this cloth is stronger than fiberglass matting. It is most often used in layered buildups. Fiberglass Cloth is available in various weights & thicknesses, to suit the needs of your project.

Glasswool Bangalore is an industry leader in composite materials, with a large variety of fiberglass supplies, including resins, tape, and more.


Glasswool Bangalore (SM Insulation) are wholesale suppliers of fiber glass, also known as glass wool, thermal and acoustical insulation products since its inception in 1998 with headquarters facilities located in Peenya First Industrial area in Bangalore. Read more...


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