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Rockwool Bonded (RB) Slabs are design for thermal and acoustical insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces .Sunrock RB slabs have excellent load bearing characteristic and comes with or without facing in various density. Lower density materials are used for in house applications like Under Deck Insulation, Air Conditioning Duct Insulation, Sound Proofing of Auditoriums, Conference halls, Stadium, Airports etc. Higher density slabs are used for high temperature application like Furnaces, Ovens, Cable Ducts, Tanks, Autoclaves and Chimneys etc.


Service Temperature : - 50°C. to 750°C.

Thermal Conductivity : - Rockwool Slabs have extremely low k values for wide range of temperatures. Thermal conductivity varies with the temperature and density of insulation.

Compression Resistant : - Rockwool Slabs offer good resilience to compression and regains their nominal thickness after removal of normal compressive load.

Moisture Resistant : Rockwool Slabs are good resistant to water vapour, most common salts and chemicals. When tested as per IS, BS and ASTM standards the material exhibits excellent resistance to moisture absorption.

Corrosion Resistance : Rockwool Slabs do not cause, Initiate or promote any kind of corrosion.

Acoustic Properties : Incombustible when tested as Per IS:3144. Melting point of fibres is above 1000°C. or 1825° f.

Fire Resistant : Incombustible when tested as Per IS:3144. Melting point of fibres is above 1000°C or 1825°C.

Product Specification

IS 8183:1993, ASTM C 612

Size of mattress : 1000mm x 500mm

Thickness : 25mm to 100mm

Density : 48 to 160 Kg./Cu.M.

Facing : Without Facing/ Aluminum Foil/Kraft Paper/ Black Veil.

Standard Packing : HDPE covers.


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